Why I Love Living & Working in Newark, Delaware

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Joseph Daigle, CFEI®

Newark, Delaware, is a dynamic community of students, professors, blue-collar and white-collar workers, and entrepreneurs. Never a dull moment, there’s plenty of outdoor activities, festivals and community events, and restaurants and local history to explore. In Newark, everything seems just right; the trees are the right height, the road signs are in the right places, and we enjoy the beauty of all four seasons. There’s much to say about Newark, but here are a few reasons I love it here—and why I think you will too. 

Outdoor Activities

One of the great things about Newark is all the ways you can get outside and enjoy the beauty of nature. There are plenty of local state parks and Delaware beaches to explore, perfect for hiking, biking, bird-watching, horse riding, or enjoying family and community events. If you are new to the area, a great way to make friends is by simply participating within any of the passionate communities that have evolved around these outdoor activities. Newark is known for its green spaces, like Rittenhouse Park, with its trout-filled creek, and White Clay Creek State Park, with its miles of forest trails. There’s even a path circling the Newark Reservoir that offers amazing city views. 

Never a Dull Moment

While there are plenty of activities to do outside, you’re never too far from the action of city life if that’s more your style. Whether going to the Christiana Mall, enjoying the delicacies of the many great restaurants, or shopping on Main Street, there’s always something to do. Some of the events I enjoy are the many spring and fall festivals, the Maryland 5 Star equestrian competition, AG Day at the University of Delaware campus, Newark Community Day organized by the Parks and Recreation Department, and Oktoberfest. As you can see, there’s no lack of options to keep yourself entertained in Newark and its surrounding areas. 

Small-Town Feel

One of the great aspects of Newark is that although you have access to all these activities and resources, it still maintains a small-town feel. You’re always bound to run into someone you know here, and I love how so many things are all within a reasonable distance to each other. The University of Delaware campus contributes to the quaint, college-town atmosphere with its beautiful historic buildings, including the Museum Galleries and botanic gardens.

Let Us Help You Do What You Love

Wherever you call home, it’s important to appreciate what makes your town or city unique. If you are local to the Newark area, what are some reasons you love living here? Did we include your favorites in this list? If not, let us know what makes this city special for you. 

At Mallard Financial Partners, we want to help you enjoy more of what makes life meaningful to you. That’s why our team partners with you to create a financial plan that can lead to long-term financial stability, allowing you to do more of what you love. If you don’t know where to start and would like some guidance, reach out to us today to schedule a no-obligation Discovery Meeting. Contact us at hello@mallardfinancial.com or call 302-737-4546. We look forward to hearing from you!

About Joseph

Joseph Daigle is the Chief Executive Officer at Mallard Financial Partners Inc., a financial planning firm based in Newark, Delaware, that serves individuals, families, small businesses, trusts, and nonprofits across the U.S. Joseph serves the firm as a member of the Investment Committee and Chief Executive Officer. In his role as CEO, Joseph assists clients in understanding their financial goals and talking through their stressors. Approachable and reassuring, he helps clients feel confident in their financial strategy. 

Joseph holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance with a minor in Management Information Systems from the University of Delaware and is an alumnus of programs at Cornell University, Harvard University, and the University of Oxford. Outside of the office, Joseph is very active in his community of North Wilmington and has served on several local and national nonprofit boards. In addition to serving his community, Joseph enjoys cooking, gardening, reading, and connecting with family, friends, and neighbors. To learn more about Joseph, connect with him on LinkedIn.


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