Wishing You Happy Holidays From Our Team!

By Joseph Daigle, CFEI®

Happy Holidays from our team at Mallard Financial Partners! This year has certainly had its ups and downs, but we are always grateful to have clients like you. We enjoy providing you and your family with exceptional service and look forward to the opportunity to serve you in 2023.

Reflecting on 2022

As we give thanks and warm wishes and celebrate the start of the new year, it’s important to reflect on all that we’ve achieved this year. It wasn’t always easy, but we have weathered the storms and we are stronger for it! Inflation, continued stock market volatility, and recession concerns are still on the horizon, but we have high hopes for 2023.

Whether or not you are glad to see this year go, take time to reflect on all that it has brought and the good things that have come from every victory and trial.

Looking Forward to 2023

We hope you are excited about everything the new year will bring, and we encourage you to think about what you want 2023 to hold for you. The end of the year is a great time to set new goals, dream about the future, and find renewed motivation. Use this season to recharge your batteries and create a vision for the coming year so that you can hit the ground running in January. Enjoy some well-deserved rest and get excited for the new year!

Thank You for a Wonderful Year!

Everything our team at Mallard Financial Partners achieves is all due to amazing clients like you. Your loyalty brings new clients to our doors, and your trust helps us build strong relationships that last a lifetime.

We hope that in 2022 we provided your family comfort in knowing that we are here to help whenever you have questions or concerns. We understand that life changes can happen at any moment, and we want you to rest easy knowing that when you need advice, guidance, or simply someone who will listen, we’re here for you in 2023 and beyond.

Here’s wishing you joy and laughter during the holiday season and a happy new year!

Let’s Connect

Do you want to end the year strong and take one last look at your financial picture in 2022? Reach out to us today at hello@mallardfinancial.com or call 302-737-4546. We look forward to hearing from you!

About Joseph

Joseph Daigle is the Chief Executive Officer at Mallard Financial Partners Inc., a financial planning firm based in Newark, Delaware, that serves individuals, families, small businesses, trusts, and nonprofits across the U.S. Joseph serves the firm as lead Investment Analyst and Chief Executive Officer. In his role as CEO, Joseph assists clients in understanding their financial goals and talking through their stressors. Approachable and reassuring, he helps clients feel confident in their financial strategy.

Joseph holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance with a minor in Management Information Systems from the University of Delaware and is an alumnus of programs at Cornell University, Harvard University, and the University of Oxford. Outside of the office, Joseph is very active in his community of North Wilmington and has served on several local and national nonprofit boards. In addition to serving his community, Joseph enjoys cooking, gardening, reading, and connecting with family, friends, and neighbors. To learn more about Joseph, connect with him on LinkedIn.


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